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Feb 15

Wholesale Jewelry Specialists from Bangkok Thailand

Wholesale Jewelry

Hope all is well from Bangkok Thailand Offering an Exclusive Range of Wholesale Fashion Accessories from around the World at amazing discounted jewellery Wholesale Prices . If you are browsing our website and you see a product you would like to order , you can select the product by clicking on the image . For …

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Sep 03

Bright Shiny Things for Bright Shiny People. Swarovski Crystal Necklaces & Earrings

Time to update our shiny shiny people with what is new in the BodyJewelryShopping world New jewelry posted on our site, fresh this week. Beautiful shiny things that go well with beautiful shiny people.  SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL NECKLACES – Beautiful shiny things that hang around your neck. SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL EARRINGS – Beautiful shiny things that adorn …

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Aug 24

FREE JEWELRY PROMOTION for showing us some love on FACEBOOK.

Free Jewelry Promotion For the next month everyday, We will be giving away Free Jewelry. Yes, you heard it right! Free. All we want is one tiny little LIKE from yours truly. So please – Click on Body Jewelry Shopping LIKE button on this page and you will be entered in our free BLING BLING …

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Aug 22

What the H does Sterling Silver mean?

We see and hear “sterling silver this” and “sterling silver that” almost every day, yet quite a few of us don’t understand what the term actually means. Does “sterling” mean “pure”? Does sterling silver jewelry come from a geographically specific certain part of the world? Is sterling the same, better or worse than pure silver? …

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